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14 Piano Recital Dresses & Outfits for Girls

Posted on by Arya Miller

piano recital

Piano Recital [photo: Do The Lan]

Piano recital is quite a formal event that requires a certain dress code to be uphold. Piano recitals are seen as events where elegance and refinement of classical music is being enjoyed, and outfits have to be in tone with it. We're going to give you tips on how to prepare your little girl for this type of events, so let's start. First of, hair. It depends on the length, actually. If your girl has long hair, it is recommended to have it set in a pony tale, so it won't get into her eyes or mouth as she plays, and it always a better immersion if the audience can see her face. For the shorter hair, just make sure it is groomed so it doesn't look unkempt.

Let's move on to the wardrobe. We should start with items that are not suitable for this type of events; low cutbacks, big necklines, spaghetti straps, short skirts above the knees, stilettos, flip flops and platform shoes. It also advisable to remove any jewelry that might impact the performance, such as rings and bracelets.

So, now that we gave you a crash course on piano recital dress code, let's start with our list of dresses that will make your girl as beautiful and elegant just like the music she's about to play.

Classic Dresses

Classic dresses made from rich materials and simple cuts will fit your girl perfectly. It is very important that they are made of quality materials that she will be comfortable wearing. A great thing about classic cuts is that they never go out of style and are very elegant. With these dresses, your girl will look very refined and flawless.

Dark Blue Dress & Black Ballerina Shoes

This dark blue dress is a perfect example of elegance. Made from a combination of lace and satin, with a bow on the back and a box pleated skirt in knee length will look great on everyone. It is also very easy to combine with. If it's cold, you can have a same color cardigan and balance it all out. We recommend black shoes, and these are very high quality ones, decorated with a subtle bow. Although many would not consider this combination of colors, but these two really go great together. Also, decorate your girls hair with a dark blue bow.

blue dress


Gold Dress & Gold Ballerina Shoes

Your girl special performace deserves just as special dress. And we think we found a perfect one for your little queen! Gold and velvet is such an royal combination! And the details such as scoop neckline, bow on the upper back, and gold jacquard floor length skirt, makes this dress even more special.

piano recital dress


Black Satin dress & White Shoes

This dress is truly breathtaking! It has a timeless design perfect for a piano recital. Upper part reminds us dresses from the 1950's. Made from satin, in a combination of black and white. Waist is decorated with a bow and it all continues down with gorgeous white tulle. This can be combined in many different ways, but we would suggest white shoes. And that is because combination of black and white has always been refined look, especially for formal events. And that's the style this combination is aiming for. These white shoes have a subtle rose decoration, very simple but effective and it will round up the whole combination in the best way possible.

beautiful dress


Beautiful Silver Dress & Silver Shoes

In this dress, your little girl will surely shine like a little star! Elegant with a modern twist, this dress features, a scoop neckline, sequin bodice and bow on the back, and a white tulle skirt. Complete the look with silver shoes.

piano recital dress


Pink & Pink

If you were to ask your girl to pick a dress for herself, we're sure that it would be in pink. So why not make her wish come true? This beautiful pink dress is made of satin and lace. Along with cap sleeves it also has a satin belt around the waist. Lace comes in ivory color and give the dress a romantic look. We paired it with pink shoes. Probably wondering why? Well, when you're going for elegance, it is best done by combining the dress with same color shoes.



Green Velvet  & Green Sandals

Darker tones of green were always colors that were worn in special occasions. And this dress in no exception, as it reminds us of dresses worn by royals. Combination of velvet, green, corset and beads is a sight to behold. It is made of high quality velvet with vintage corset back. And when combined with matching green beaded sandals, your girl is sure to shine.

green dress


Ivory & Glitter

Ivory dresses are certainly the most common choice when it comes to dresses for special occasions. Elegant, refined and extremely cute!  The dress features long beaded sleeves, square neckline and satin skirt. We suggest paring it with gorgeous metallic gold shoes, as ivory and gold go hand in hand. You can use a gold bow to decorate the hair and it will round up the whole outfit.

long sleeve piano recital dress


Modern Dresses

Modern trends are offering us countless solutions this year. If you like trends, but want something elegant for your girls, then opt for dresses in cheerful tones and are made in simple cuts

Fuchsia & White

As we're coming close to spring, we already have vibrant and cheerful colors in mind. And because of that, fuchsia is the color that celebrates spring. A joyful dress filled with details, will not only make your girl happy, but those around her as well. Playful design and lots of details make this dress quite special. Combine it with somewhat subtle sandals to round up the whole combination.

piano recital dress little girl


Red & Gold

This high quality dress that comes in a gorgeous red color is perfect for little girls. The front is shorter than the back, which adds a little drama to it. While the upper part is classical, the lower one is really special. Details like lace flowers will go great with gold sandals, and that's what we'll use to round up this combination.

red dress


Butterfly Dress & White Shoes

How cute is this dress? We are sure your little pianist will fall in love with it! It features a beautiful bodice with a 3D butterfly and an elegant tulle skirt with a satin hem. As this blue dress is a statement for itself you don't need any special accessories, a simple white headband and white flats will do.

butterfly dress


Navy & White

Navy blue is truly a royal color. This dress is made from combination of colors, patterns and designs. Lace and tulle are combined with beaded navy blue lace appliques and continue along the neckline and armhole. We also mustn't forget about detachable ruffle tulle train on the back. An amazingly beautiful detail that will leave everyone speechless.

blue dress


Trendy Mauve Color & White Shoes

Cuteness overload! Thanks to the uplifting effect of mauve color that evokes vibrancy and youthful creativity, this dress is a great modern twist to traditional styles. It features a sheer illusion neckline, ruffles, a tulle skirt, and a beautiful glitter bow. Pair this dress with simple white flats or sandals.

tulle dress


Champagne Gold Sequin & Blue

This gorgeous dress is made completely out of glitter in champagne color. Pink satin lining gives it a romantic look and perfectly supplements it. We all know how champagne goes well with blue, and so this dress has a navy blue belt around the waist. And that's why we also suggest to opt for shoes in same color. But, if you don't want navy shoes, black ones will do just fine as well.

gold dress


Royal blue & Silver

We're certain that there's no person on the planet that doesn't know about the sisters Anna and Elsa. We also believe that there isn't a girl that didn't wish to be one of them for at least one day. Yes, we're talking about Frozen. This dress is made in gorgeous royal blue color, and is embellished with white lace. We recommend white or silver sandals, and of course, a hair decoration in the same color.

blue dress