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  • 4 Tips on How You Can Decide What to Wear on Your First Date

    A survey of more than 80,000 people shows that wardrobe issues are one of the things that people fear the most on their first dates. And if these people are not comfortable or confident with what they are wearing, there is a high chance that the date might not go well.
  • What Fabric Should You Choose For Your Flower Girl Dress?

    Silk and satin, organza and tulle, lace and cotton – each fabric has its own unique characteristics, so it is really great to know the difference before shopping.
  • 5 Perfect Wedding Dresses For Halloween Themed Wedding

    Halloween will soon be upon us, and you surely must be excited. The day when you can dress in anything, and mask as anyone. What do you think about a Halloween wedding? It sure is fun and unforgettable. Not only that it will be more fun than other weddings, but your guests will talk about it for years to come. You will need...
  • 5 Things you Should Never Wear As A Wedding Guest

    You can quite oftenly see girls or women being inappropriately dressed on a wedding. Dresses with too deep cleavage or to short dresses are simply not made for this type of ceremonies. As a guest on a wedding, you are there to show your support and love towards newlyweds, not to overshine them. And as a guest, you could be really casual and...