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5 Things you Should Never Wear As A Wedding Guest

Posted on by Arya Miller

You can quite oftenly see girls or women being inappropriately dressed on a wedding. Dresses with too deep cleavage or to short dresses are simply not made for this type of ceremonies. As a guest on a wedding, you are there to show your support and love towards newlyweds, not to overshine them. And as a guest, you could be really casual and relaxed if you follow some simple rules. Dresses, skirts or suits, everything can be taken into consideration. But everybody has sometimes a hard time choosing what to wear, how to fit it, and make it appropriate for a ceremony. What to wear as a guest on a wedding, and what to avoid? These question will be answered below.

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1. White

White color suits everyone. Women love it in particular, but in this occasion you most forget about it, because the number one rule of a wedding is that the white is reserved for bride only. White symbolizes purity and it has always been considered as the ideal color for brides. Along with white, you should also avoid shades like ivory, champagne and nude. You certainly don`t want to outshine the bride.

Blue Dress

Blue Dress Princessly>

2. Vulgar

Leave dresses with to deep of a cleavage or the ones that are too short for clubbing. Wedding is not a place for those. A guest needs to be elegant and sophisticated, and dress accordingly to that. If you need to accent your attributes, do it in a fashionable manner. If you must go with a cleavage, make sure that the dress is long, and if you opt for a short skirt or a dress, the upper part needs to be closed. In that way, you will balance your outfit. Open back dresses are really popular, if you go with one of those, make sure that the front part is closed.

Gray Dress

Gray Dress Princessly>

3. Jeans

It is really rude to attend a wedding in your jeans. You maybe adore them and only feel comfortable in them, but they are simply not appropriate for a wedding. Wedding are reserved for a elegant outfits, and such is the whole nature of the event, and wearing jeans there can be seen as a sign of disrespect. Of course, if the dress code allows it, wear them. This is a common problem for men, but it can happen to women too. Instead of jeans, go with a nicely tailored suit, and you will look great, elegant and feel comfortable.

Blue Suit

Blue Suit Asos>

4. Princess dress

Big and rich dresses are reserved for brides, and if anybody should feel and look like a princess on their wedding day, it's them. These dresses are forbidden for guests and bridesmaids. Instead , go for simple dress slightly above knees, or for a long dress with a simple cut. If a bride has a siren-like dress, avoid those too.

Long dress

Long dress Princessly>

5. Neon colors

The reasons are obvious. These colors are reserved for clubbing, not for a wedding. Also, don`t choose too intensive patterns and shades. Choose simple, gentle colors that will accent your figure in a nice way, making you look elegant and sophisticated. Leopard patterns, if not minimal, avoid also. If you must, rather pick details, like purses or shoes with that pattern.

Floral dress

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