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4 Unique And Fun Engagement Party Ideas

Posted on by Arya Miller

Engagement Party


You got engaged recently, and you wish to celebrate it with a big party surrounded by your closest friend and family? That's a great idea! But, with that comes a lot of things that need to be done. Where to start, and what should we not forget? To make your party outstanding and unforgettable we bring you a couple of tips.

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Engagement Party Invitation

Invitations are your first stop to party greatness. If you like minimalism, we suggest to go with simple white invitations with a simple black font. You could also add pictures of you when you were kids. It's nice and amusing, and it will score you some points with friends. Make sure your invitations describe you and your relationship. And of course, if you're making a barbecue, do not overdo it with elegant invitations with golden letters and flowers. Make your invitations in accordance to your theme.

Engagement Party


Engagement Party Themes

A barbecue is always a good idea, so why not celebrate your engagement with it. How to arrange the interior to make it look effective? Simple. Decorate tables with flowers that you put in jars and red gingham fabric tablecloths, use galvanized tubs and buckets as coolers, bottled soda pop with ice and water. Have one table with only desserts on it, make sure there's a lot of pies and muffins.

Great Gatsby

Feathers, pearls, sparkles and champagne glasses pyramid. Pretty sweet idea, right? Decorate your chairs with pearls, make sure to have chocolate covered strawberries and canapes.

Engagement Party

photo: Colin Cowie Weddings

Tea Party

Besides tea, naturally, you should make finger food. Serve small sandwiches, cookies and biscuits on vintage trays. Don't forget to make iced teas and fruit punch. Decorate your vintage vases with peonies and hydrangeas, and put a lot of nice little pillows.

Circus Carnival Party

Organize a best mask competition. Like in a real circus, have tables with popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and hamburgers. Decorate everything with balloons.

Guest book

To have something more than photos to remember the party by, you can make a guest book. It will serve as a great reminder of your engagement party that you can read over and over again.

Engagement Party


Party Games

To make the atmosphere interesting and lively throughout the party, make sure to have some games. In case you haven't got any ideas, you can make a little quiz about you and see how much the guests know you. For example: how did you two meet? Who cooks better, etc. Or have some simple but fun games like ping pong or truth or dare.

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