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Top 4 Most Popular Types of Bridal Bouquets

Flowers always had a very important symbolism on the wedding. Each flower represents or symbolizes something. In one way classic bouquet of roses in other bouquet of lavender or tulip, they all have a beautiful story to tell. If you still don`t know what kind of bouquet should you choose, and not sure where to start. We are here to help. We bring you our 4 favorite types of wedding bouquets for every style and every type of bride.

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Classic round

One of the most popular type of the bouquet, and oftenly chosen by traditional brides. Made of beautiful but classic roses, this bouquet will help you shine.  We recommend you  roses in one color for traditional elegant wedding, but if the theme of your wedding is rustic and bohemian that you should choose round bouquet made of beautiful wildflowers.

bridal bouquet



Do you remember enormous cascading bouquet of Princess Diana? Beautiful and truly unique made 8 types of white flowers. If you want impressive and elegant bouquet this one is right for you.

bridal bouquet



A small bouquet that is very popular in recent years. Stylish and undemanding. From hydrangeas, peonies or tulips it is up to you to choose. Add cute satin ribbon and your posy bouquet will be overwhelming.

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If you do not know what Pompander is, it is time to find out . This cute ball of flowers, known as kissing ball usually worn by the bridesmaids or flower girls, recently came into the hands of the brides. They can be made of absolutely anything from lavender, roses even succulents and they are usually carried by a ribbon.Great idea, isn`t it?

bridal bouquet


It is impossible to imagine wedding without flowers, and bride without her bouquet. No matter what type of wedding you have, flowers will add a bit of romance and help you shine even brighter.

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