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Top 5 Tips For Perfect Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are very important. Think of them as a starting point of your married life; you want to get into it looking and feeling your best. And of course, 20 years from now, when you will looking at them, you want to feel happy and not embarrassed. So, to help you achieve that happiness, in today’s article we will explore wedding photography that will help you strike the pose that will not only make you happy for the years to come, but your children and their children will be proud of you, and how you looked on your wedding photos.

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Morning getting ready

Getting ready in the morning for your big day can be really interesting, not just for the bride, but for the groom too. Putting on the suit, dress, happy glistening smiles in the morning, it just has to be documented, right? Taking the photo of the groom with the best man and the bride with her bridesmaids is one of the most favorite among the wedding couples. Especially if they are spontaneous. Make sure that the photographer takes a photo of your hair, putting the dress, and the shoes.

Beautiful dress [photo: Etsy]
Beautiful dress [photo: Etsy]

Photos with parents

These pictures will surely be your fondest memory. Family photos always have an immeasurable value, and by that alone are a must. It is crucial that the photographer captures your love, joy, that special family connection, and with all that, parent’s pride and joy will radiate from the picture. Probably most important of all – don’t forget your grandparents!

Cool picture for groom
Cool picture for groom [photo: pexels ]

Kiss and first dance

Probably the most romantic moment of the wedding, the first dance and kiss deserves to have a beautiful photo. Pick a song that has a special meaning for you, and a dance. You don’t need waltz, pick a dance that suits you best. The first song dance will be the one that you will remember forever, and with that, you will remember the photo also. Like the first dance, a first kiss will always draw a smile from you, and it would be a shame if you don’t have it photographed.

First dance
First dance  [photo: pexels]

Weeding cake and bouquet

Remember how long it took you to pick a right cake. From the taste to the look, it is perfect in every aspect. Let you photographer take pictures of your wedding cake, as well as it’s cutting and first tasting. This will be a very nice photo that will bring joy to your grandchildren, who will admire your choice and want to have a cake just like that. Just like the cake, a bouquet took a lot of your time and effort, and you should be awarded for it by taking a couple of photos with it, and a couple of the bouquet alone.

Wedding cake
Wedding cake [photo: Etsy]

Arriving and  leaving the wedding

A spectacular arrival at you wedding, a walkway sprinkled with rose petals, and a romantic and fun departure in your getaway car. You can make this photos in various ways. Let your arrival be inspired by romance, with candles, roses and gentle kisses. And the departure with smiling, having fun, and song. Make sure to capture, along with yours, the emotions of your guests and parents. It will be a perfect memory.

Cute wedding photo
Cute wedding photo [photo: pexels]

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